You never know what is going to happen so it is important you cover yourself with the relevant and best medical insurance and health care. Camposol has the very best doctors on the urbanisation and some brilliant hospitals close by, and you will find English speaking doctors in all.

An option to consider when moving to Camposol is a European Health Insurance Card. The EHIC card should help reduce any medical costs you come across and it is valid in Spain no matter how long you intend to stay there for. You can find information and you can apply for this through the NHS.

EU Pensioners are entitled to the same level of health care as Spanish pensioners if they have an S1 form in your possession. You can apply for the S1 form from The Department of Work and Pensions: 

Although this is great for shorter stays, if you are intending to move to Camposol permanently, we cannot stress enough how important we feel it is that you integrate with the wonderful local health care system or take out your own private health insurance.

Good news for you all though, Spain has one of the best healthcare systems around, and any British and Irish holidaymakers, ex-pats and any visitors are all eligible for almost all of the services that are offered to Spanish nationals. Standards are incredibly high in Spanish hospitals and it’s a system to be admired by other countries. Modern facilities are delivered at every opportunity, waiting times are exceptionally low, especially in comparison to other countries, and an professional and courteous service is always delivered with thorough service, consultations, referrals and treatments.

Spaniards live a longer life on average, much more than any other Europeans, and although this is down to the Mediterranean diet and general healthy way of living in Spain, the doctors and nurses and thorough and caring.