Camposol urbanisation, meaning countryside sun, is located in Saladillo pedania in the municipality of Mazarrón which is just south west of Murcia in south-eastern Spain. Camposol is just a 10 minute drive from Mazarrón where you’ll find 35 kilometres to sit back and relax and enjoy the Spanish sun. Camposol is in close proximity to major motorways making it easily accessible from various locations in Spain and indeed, easily accessible to the rest of Europe.


Camposol is situated close to two airports, the closest being San Javier, Murcia. San Javier is approximately a 40 minute drive from Camposol meaning a quick commute when you’re itching to get to your end destination and your holiday can begin. However, note that San Javier is also used for military flights as well as civil flights, and therefore the airport can only be used for civil flights after 3pm on weekdays.

The other alternative is Alicante airport, the sixth most popular airport in Spain. Alicante is only a 1 hour 16 minute drive away from Camposol (approximately) and there are a great deal more inbound flights from the UK to choose from. Alicante also has many duty free shops, cafes and a specialist cigar shop. Who doesn’t love an airport duty free spree?

Neighbouring Towns

If you’re feeling adventurous on your stay in Camposol and want to explore the Spanish surroundings, there is a regular bus service that can transport you to a number of Camposol’s bordering towns such as, Mazarrón, Puerto de Mazarrón, Alhama de Murcia, Totana and El Pareton.

Mazarrón: The coastal town of Mazarrón is laced with 35 kilometres of unspoilt beaches and offers a nudist beach for the more daring of visitors, and the Mazarrón fishing industry is thriving. There are countless historic, archaeological sites in Mazarrón such as the 5500 year old Cabezo de Plomo, so there are plenty of beautiful things to see if you take a day trip to Mazarrón.

Puerto de Mazarrón: Puerto de Mazarróns history has strong connections with its parent town of Mazarrón, which is based around mining and fishing. Puerto de Mazarrón has also recently been identified as one of Spain’s most attractive holiday resorts. Some of the finest coastlines in Spain are situated in Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón and the easy go lifestyles makes it the perfect location for a scenic and trouble free day trip out of Camposol.

Alhama de Murcia: Alhama de Murcia is nestled in the heart of Guadalentin Valley. Alhama is in relation to the hot thermal waters which ran through the Spanish town until the 1930’s which led to thermal baths being built by the Romans and the Moors, which today have been converted in to the Los Baños, Archaeological Museum. The Sierra Espuña is a big addition to the tourism attraction of Alhama de Murcia and the hectares of shaded woodland it provides make for beautiful rural walking routes.

Totana: Lined with mountains and pine clad forests, Totana is located at the base of the Sierra Espuña and the town economically makes use of these resources for the local community. The town has many beautiful and historic buildings, for example the Parroquia de Santiago, the Ermita de Santa and Emrita de san Roque to name just a few. There is a very important ceramic tradition in Totana as well as an established livestock production industry.