The Camposol urbanisation began in 1996 and has since developed into a large community of Spanish locals and expats alike. Camposol is nestled amongst the mountains and rural Spanish countryside, and Camposol literally means – Countryside Sun! If that isn’t appealing in itself we don’t know what is. The location is stunning and you will have beautiful views on your doorstep all year round.

The development sees sunshine temperatures all year round and the residents live a relaxed and easy going lifestyle, what more would you want? It boasts all the amenities and facilities to suit all tastes and ages and is in close proximity to many other beautiful and well developed Spanish towns.

The first residential property sold in Camposol was a two bed villa for £28,000 and now, a large three bedroom villa has an average selling price of just £55,000 making house prices considerably lower than in the UK and GREAT value for money property.