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Camposol Ethics Line

Camposol's Ethics Line allows you to report any illegal, unethical or other types of behavior which violate the professional rules of the company; in other words, all actions that are inconsistent with the company's Code of Conduct. You can report your complaints using the service channels shown below.

Service Channels

1. Web Form

To register a new complaint, follow the next link: Register Complaint

To consult the status of a registered complaint, follow the next link: Consult Complaint

2. Electronic Mailbox
You can send an E-mail to the following E-mail address:

3. Operator
You can contact a professional operator directly on Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm., calling the following numbers:

PERU: 0-800-2-0820 / 219-7126

COLOMBIA: 01-8000-930944

URUGUAY: 0004-0-54418

4. Voicemail
You can communicate your complaint through a voice message 24 hours any day of the year, dialing option 2 with the following numbers:

PERU: 0-800-2-0820 / 219-7126

COLOMBIA: 01-8000-930944

URUGUAY: 0004-0-54418

5. Postal Address
If you would like to send physical information, you can send it to the following:
P.O. box: 27A - 012.
Refer to the "Camposol's Ethics Line".

6. WhatsApp
You can send a message to: +51989043514


Company Policies

If required, you may consult the following Company Information:
Code of Conduct
Internal Regulations for Safety and Health at Work

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