Camposol Cares from Farm to Family


Camposol’s social responsibility guidelines are based on six ironclad premises:

  • Team member well-being: We contribute to the personal development of our team members, their families and the community through actions that provide a better quality of life and promote the development of secondary skills.
  • Environmental care: We protect the environment through the wise use of natural resources and power, and we constantly create or improve strategies to reduce environmental contamination.
  • Quality assurance and product traceability: We maintain comprehensive system-wide assessment of our operations to achieve maximum integration and quality.
  • Development of products and markets: Camposol cultivates a high level of trust with its clients. We listen to their needs and suggestions. This practice, coupled with our unyielding focus on quality, reliability, team member well-being and environmental stewardship, assure that our continuing ability to quickly develop new markets and products.
  • Shared value development and creation: We know that our core company values are aligned with current best practices for innovative industry leaders. Knowledgeable stakeholders will find that Camposol shares their values regarding creation and development of new markets and products.
  • Reputation of our management: We carefully monitor our obligations to international agreements such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the United Nations Global Compact.
  • Work, Health and Safety Policy: Camposol is committed to protecting the integrity and health of our team members, suppliers and visitors. We promote a preventive culture based on the identification of hazards, periodic risk assessment, and establishing controls that comply with current legal standards.


Integrated Management System Policy (PDF file) – english version
Integrated Management System Policy (PDF file) – spanish version

Human Rights Policy (PDF file) – english version
Human Rights Policy (PDF file) – spanish version

Camposol PERU – Health and Safety Policy (PDF file) – english version
Camposol PERU – Health and Safety Policy (PDF file) – spanish version

Camposol PERU –  Security and Control Management System Policy (PDF file) – spanish version


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