Camposol Cares from Farm to Family


Camposol was founded in 1997, the result of a dream to transform a desert into a “great green sea.” Benefitting from modern and sustainable agricultural practices, Peru’s La Libertad region became a place that employed thousands of workers and vastly improved the quality of life for their families.

Thanks to the construction of the Chavimochic Irrigation Project, the foresight of our globally respected investors and the work of our people, Camposol farms have been growing, learning, diversifying, innovating and constantly adapting to the needs of international markets from South and North America to Europe and China. Camposol's innovations continue to be a source of growth and development in the agricultural industry and is a recognized world leader.

During our first 10 years, Camposol was an agricultural company, producing asparagus mainly for the European market. With the purchase of the company by the D & C Group in 2007, Camposol grew to become a world-class company by changing the products it offered, the geographical locations of its fields and facilities, and increased its presence in the main markets of the world.

Camposol is a globally recognized company dedicated to agro-industry and Camposol Internacional, a division that operates abroad as the commercial arm of the company and allows us to directly access our customers throughout the world.

Camposol's uninterrupted growth has been accompanied by a more sensible and efficient use of technology. We employ cutting-edge processes and systems, strive for operational efficiency, look for continuous improvement. The highest-quality standards and constant innovation are already vital elements of Camposol's culture. We also create new opportunities for the company’s employees, who can expand their personal and professional horizons, contributing to overall corporate progress.

Together with our partners, Camposol produces healthy and fresh products for families all over the world, rooted in care. We continue to lead through our operational excellence, commitment to innovation, and nurturing of our people and our planet, enhancing the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate and creating sustainable value for our partners. Camposol cares from farm to family.

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