Camposol Cares from Farm to Family


Comprehensive Pest Management System

Camposol believes in natural and environmentally benign practices, so we developed a comprehensive pest control system for the adequate treatment of crops by emphasizing a biological control. It employs beneficial organisms and alternative natural products instead of pesticides, thus protecting employees and consumers while preserving the environment.

Carbon Footprint

Our climate change policy includes benefits for Composol stakeholders as well as the rest of the world. We calculate the inventory of emissions (or carbon footprint) from all of our company’s operations, allowing us to obtain a baseline on which to design environmental strategies.

Solid Waste Management

We practice the separation and segregation of solid wastes for recycling or disposal. This allows us to maximize efficiency of resources when producing our products.

Environmental Compliance and Management Program (PAMA)

Camposol developed this program to comply with the environmental commitments we assumed in accordance with the legal framework. These include, among others, monitoring water and air quality that allow the company to improve the management of its environmental care and responsibilities.

Comprehensive Conservation Plan

We follow these guidelines and procedures to help conserve the habitat of many different species that exist on our farms. The plan also protects the landscape and helps train employees in sustainable environmental practices.

Annual Wildlife Census

A census that measures Camposol’s success in protecting biodiversity recently determined that the company’s farms are succeeding very well. The census identified 26 bird species and 9 reptilian species, all of them endangered, thriving harmoniously on the farms thanks to strategically implemented conservation conditions.


Camposol recognizes the crucial importance of forests to environmental conservation. We plant native species such as algarrobo as well as faique and huarango trees. Our forestation efforts include the seeding of casuarinas equisetifolia, molle costeño, tara or taya and pink cedars.

Water Footprint Calculation

Camposol is committed to the rational use of water, an indispensable resource. The company entered into an agreement with Cooperación Suiza COSUDE’s SuizAgua Project, which will allow scientists to measure the water footprint of asparagus, one of the main crops in the market.

Environmental Policy

Camposol’s environmental policy focuses on preventing contamination by minimizing environmental impacts in its production processes. We comply with the requirements of current regulations, rationally using resources, managing solid waste responsibly and promoting environmental awareness.

Environmental Management System (EMS) 

The Environmental Management System (EMS) was implemented at the industrial plant of CAMPOSOL in its headquarters of Chao, La Libertad, Peru, whose scope is “Productive Processes of Fresh and Frozen Fruits”. Through the EMS, CAMPOSOL intends to improve its environmental performance in the processes that are part of its operations. A proper management of environmental issues will allow for business sustainability while taking into consideration the needs of all interested parties.

Environmental Policy (PDF file) – english version
Environmental Policy (PDF file) – spanish version

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