Camposol Cares from Farm to Family


“Ray of Sunshine” program

Team members’ children receive comprehensive care from trained and loving professionals. Thanks to the strategic alliance with the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, the “Cuna Mas” (More Crib[s]) Program advises and guides us in the care and nourishment of children.  Each year the program serves an average of 200 kids who are less than four years old, improving the development of their psychomotor, social and language skills while protecting them from malnutrition.

Useful Vacation Program

During the summer vacation months of January and February, we strengthen our children’s educational grounding and develop their artistic and athletic skills, as well as building their self-esteem. We provide verbal reasoning and math classes, workshops for art and creativity, computing, modern dance, traditional dance and sports. Local universities and schools provide advice and support.

Medical Campaigns

Health and happiness go hand in hand. We provide free medical services and campaigns in various specialties that focus on prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – a philosophy that fits hand in glove with our overall goals as producers of healthy food. Through alliances with private and public organizations, we provide optimal care to team members and their families.

Employee Training

Our internal and external training programs benefit the professional development of every participating team member. We offer financial support for employees to study at prestigious educational institutions. Superior continuing education is a benefit to the entire company, increasing Camposol’s retention rate and fine-tuning team members’ areas of expertise.

Obstetric Psychopropylaxis and Prenatal Stimulation Program

We offer a program for expectant mothers to provide the best working conditions and the necessary preparations for healthy pregnancies, childbirth and postpartum, ensuring the health of mother and child.  Programs include obstetric gym exercises, relaxation and music therapy run by specialized professionals.

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