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5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working Remotely

Posted On: December 3, 2020

When it comes to working from the comfort of your own home, the first thing that comes to your mind might be wearing comfy pajamas all day or having more time to do what you love. However, creating a healthy work-life balance is not as easy at it seems. As there are undeniable benefits to working from home, there are also a few potential disadvantages you may want to consider.

The habits you create in your new work environment will have an immediate impact on your health and wellness. We’ve gathered 5 strategies to keep you mentally and physically healthy while working remotely.

Create a designated work spot

Finding yourself a designated work zone will help you stay on task as well as have your work materials ready. Try to find a location with minimal distractions – this means a spot to work that you can associate with your job and help you stay productive. Consider having the proper lighting and the appropriate noise level in order to stay focused. If you’re sitting for long hours staring at your computer screen, investing in a good chair is crucial to avoid back and neck pain. For every 50 minutes of sitting, consider getting up and moving around for 10 minutes, even if it’s just walking inside your home. To help you lower your stress levels add a few plants to your workspace – research shows that plants boost your immune response and improve air quality.


Define work-life balance

Reaching an equilibrium between personal, professional and family life while working from home represents an everyday challenge for remote workers. Setting a daily routine helps you work more efficiently and stay on task. Consider the time of day you feel more stimulated and active, as well as the time of day you feel more weary so you can organize your schedule accordingly. Sticking to your schedule and concluding your work within the work hours is crucial to create structure to your day.


Have Healthy Snacks on Hand

Almost everyone knows the food you eat is the fuel your body uses to operate. It’s a good idea to ask yourself if you’re eating because you’re really hungry and not because you’re anxious or bored. If the answer is hungry, then take a few minutes to blend some blueberries and frozen bananas to make a creamy antioxidant smoothie and get a shot of energy. Remember it’s the food you choose to snack on that makes the difference. Having fruits on hand such as mandarins or blueberries will help you calm those between-meal hunger moments while providing you with the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Blueberries not only promote satiety with its high fiber content, but also boost your brainpower. Try eating away from your desk and taking a break from your computer even for a few minutes.


Go for a walk

Opting for a lunchtime stroll is a wonderful way to lift your mood and boost your health. Getting outdoors for a change of scenery will give you the energy you need to return to your desk with greater motivation. Even if you are just taking a walk around the neighborhood for a few minutes, your body will thank you for getting the blood flowing and a dose of vitamin D. Also, by getting out of the house, you’ll get some much-needed fresh air and a break from those multiple tasks that involve home and work.


Pay attention to your emotional health

Not everyone enjoys working remotely, for some the shift can be stressful and overwhelming. When it comes to implementing good habits to reach a healthy daily routine, taking mindful breaks can make a great difference. Simple actions such as getting up and taking a deep breath, stretching and being aware of your surroundings will help you deal with any challenge comprising your mental health. Staying calm and positive in times of a global pandemic is not an easy task. Looking for strategies to reach inner balance and self-awareness will definitely improve your work productivity. As you move through daily schedules and routines, you’ll find pausing is the best way to start being a mindful worker.


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