Camposol Cares from Farm to Family


Posted On: July 23, 2021

To continue reaffirming the good labor relations the company promotes, CAMPOSOL S.A.’s representatives and the three labor unions (SITRAPLANCSA, SITCECSA and SITECASA) entered, with great satisfaction, their corresponding collective agreements after negotiation processes that were conducted between May and July this year.

It is worth mentioning that such negotiation processes were conducted through direct dealing, i.e., without the Ministry of Labor’s involvement or an arbitration. The representatives of Mondiaal FNV and Workers’ General Confederation of Peru (CGTP, in Spanish) participated in the SITECASA’s advisory team.

“For CAMPOSOL, it is important to reach satisfactory agreements with the workers’ representatives through collective agreements, as they help us to permanently review the benefits and conditions we grant them. This way we maintain an appropriate working environment and thus contribute to labor peace in our operations to be able to comply with the company’s goals. We are very happy,” commented Sandro Zumarán, Human Resources Manager.

Camposol ratifies once again its commitment with social dialogue, good human management practices and unrestricted respect for its workers’ and union organizations’ labor rights, as they are essential tools for achieving the sustainability of its businesses and the development of its stakeholders.

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